The Adult Redeploy Illinois map-based tool provides easy access to county-level data elements that will be useful for preparing the local plan (using the Standard Plan Template) for the Adult Redeploy Illinois Program.

It is important that each applicant work with legal counsel and local State's Attorneys to ensure that the population selected as Redeploy eligible is statutorily eligible for alternatives to incarceration. The data provided on this site are only meant to be informational, and are not exhaustive or definitive. Each applicant's eligible population will be determined in conjunction with the Adult Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board.

Illinois County Level Data

Click on a county on the map or enter the county name in the box below. A data page for that county will be displayed.

Included are county demographics, criminal justice system indicators, and a detailed breakdown of Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) admissions information for suggested "program eligible" individuals, as interpreted by the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority.

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Suggested "program eligible" individuals are defined here as those who were admitted to IDOC, and were admitted to prison for crimes that could be eligible for probation sentence instead. Excluded individuals are:

  1. those who were returned to prison for a technical violation of either parole or Mandatory Supervised Release, since they were already under the jurisdiction of IDOC at the time of their return. Individuals who are convicted of a new offense while on parole or Mandatory Supervised Release may be considered eligible for Adult Redeploy Illinois, if they meet other eligibility criteria, since they are considered to be court admissions;

  2. those incarcerated for violent offenses, as defined by the Rights of Crime Victims and Witnesses Act (725 ILCS 120/3 (c)) , a criterion specified in the enabling legislation of the Adult Redeploy Illinois Program (Public Act 96-0761) ; and

  3. those incarcerated for other non-probationable offenses as defined by the Illinois Unified Code of Corrections (730 ILCS 5/5-5-3)
Existing Legislative Alternatives

Illinois currently has three statutes outlining alternatives to incarceration and eligibility for those programs. These statutes are:

  1. 730 ILCS 168/et. seq. -- Mental health court treatment act (MHCTA)
  2. 730 ILCS 166/et. seq. -- Drug court treatment act (DCTA)
  3. 20 ILCS 301/et. seq. -- Alcoholism and other drug dependency act (AODDA)
About the Data

It should be noted that these data are provided for planning purposes only. Counties choosing to implement Adult Redeploy Illinois pilot sites will negotiate an agreement with the Adult Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board (ARIOB) as to the exact target number of program eligible commitments to IDOC that will be reduced by the Adult Redeploy Illinois Program.