Collaboration in Action: Overview and Lessons from “Data, Planning, and Impact: A Joint Adult Redeploy Illinois and Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils Summit”

Published: September, 2018

Last May, the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA) convened “Data, Planning, and Impact: A Joint Adult Redeploy Illinois & Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils Summit.” Organized in partnership with Loyola University’s Center for Criminal Justice Research, Policy, and Practice, and the Illinois Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health and Justice, the event served as both the annual Adult Redeploy Illinois (ARI) All-Sites Summit for practitioners working with ARI-funded diversion program, and a convening of the pilot Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils (CJCC) with whom ICJIA has partnered with as part of the National Criminal Justice Reform Project. This report gives an overview of the first joint ARI/CJCC summit as a case study of ICJIA efforts to better “coordinate its coordination” by creating opportunities for engagement between state and local jurisdictions, as well as across and among local jurisdictions. This report offers an overview of summit programming, participant feedback, and recommendations for future CJCC and ARI program application.