Illinois Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Council 2015 Annual Report

Posted: April 6, 2016 | Keywords: Motor vehicle, Theft Prevention, Council, Annual report, FY 2015

A private and public partnership effectively combating motor vehicle theft and related crimes in Illinois since 1991. The Illinois Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Act requires insurance companies to pay $1 into a special trust fund for each private passenger automobile insured for physical damage coverage. About $6.5 million are annually collected and distributed by the Council. The funds are designated to support law enforcement programs that increase investigation and prosecution of vehicle theft-related crimes.

An overall decrease in Council programming was seen in 2015 in accordance with Illinois Executive Order 8, which suspended state grant programs. Despite the suspension of grant funds, the Council remains dedicated to combating motor vehicle theft in Illinois in partnership with the insurance industry. Vehicle theft in Illinois has dropped nearly 77 percent since 1991, when the Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Act was passed by the General Assembly. From 1991 to 2014, the annual number of stolen vehicles decreased from 75,642 to 17,563.This has resulted in a projected savings of more than $340 million in property losses. Grant funds awarded by the Council have improved motor vehicle theft law enforcement by establishing and supporting multi-jurisdictional task forces, investigative teams, and other anti-theft efforts throughout the state.

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