Adult Redeploy Illinois (ARI) 2015 Annual Report is now available

Posted: October 27, 2016 | Keywords: Annual Report

In calendar year 2015, the award-winning ARI program maintained the strong local partnerships on which its success is built, despite being impacted by the state budget impasse. During the year, 22 sites covering 39 counties served 1,917 non-violent offenders with community supervision and services in lieu of incarceration. Of these, 1,641 remained out of the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Since 2011, ARI has distributed more than $15.5 million in grants to local jurisdictions. In that time, the ARI statewide network of sites diverted about 2,500 non-violent offenders from Illinois prisons, representing cost avoidance to the state of nearly $76 million (based on the difference in cost between incarceration and community-based supervision).

View the 2015 Adult Redeploy Illinois Annual Report