Vernon S. Smith

Vernon S. Smith was an intern with the Authority’s Research and Analysis Unit. Vernon received his master’s degree in social service administration from the University of Chicago and his bachelor’s degree in sociology from Northwestern University. He is currently working as a program and management analyst for the US Department of Education. Vernon is particularly interested in issues related to drug prevention and rehabilitation, juvenile justice, and the school to prison pipeline.


An examination of juvenile sex offenders in the Illinois juvenile justice system
February 14, 2017 | Full Report | Juvenile Sex Offenders
Juveniles adjudicated delinquent for a sex offense can result in lifelong consequences, including sex offender registration. Further, there can be repercussions financially, emotionally, and socially for a juvenile and his/her family that extend throughout the individual’s life. Given the potential negative impact of sex offender registration, it is important to understand the implications of the registry within the larger context of youth development and juvenile justice. This report analyzes characteristics of youth arrested, detained, and admitted to corrections in Illinois in 2014 and associated trends from 2004 to 2014.
By Erica Hughes, Lily Gleicher, Susan Witkin, Vernon S. Smith, And Caitlin DeLong