Reshma Desai

Reshma Desai is a Strategic Policy Advisor at the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority and the Project Director for Illinois HEALS (Helping Everyone Access Linked Systems): Office of Victims of Crime Linking systems of Care for Children and Youth Demonstration Project. She has worked in the areas of violence prevention and intervention for over twenty years in direct service, program management, and grant program development. She is currently the Co-Chair of the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Illinois Partnership for Safety Coalition, represents ICJIA on the Illinois Children’s Mental Health Partnership and Illinois Childhood Trauma Coalition as well as other public facing events. She received her Masters of Social Work from the University of Iowa.

Reshma Desai is Authority Strategic Policy Advisor & Project Director.


Illinois Helping Everyone Access Linked Systems Action Plan
July 1, 2019 | Report | Victimization
The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority was awarded a Linking Systems of Care for Children and Youth Demonstration grant from the Office for Victims of Crime. This six-year initiative seeks to improve the identification, connection, and service engagement of children, youth, and families impacted by violence in Illinois. Informed by a 15-month planning process, the Illinois HEALS Action Plan will guide the future work of the project to implement policies, practices, and programs that strengthen the capacity of Illinois’ communities to recognize when victimization has occurred and connect and engage young victims and families in needed services.
By Jaclyn Houston Kolnik, Megan Alderden, Reshma Desai, Amanda L. Vasquez, Jason Wynkoop, Sooeun Tiffany Kim, And Paola B. Baldo