Dawn Ruzich

Dawn Ruzich is the Executive Director of Business Development for Gateway Foundation’s Corrections Division. Prior to joining Gateway at the end of 2015, she served as the Director of Evaluation & Quality for the WestCare Foundation for eight years. She co-authored Community reentry after prison drug treatment: Learning from Sheridan Therapeutic Community Program participants (2011) and The Prevalence of Probable Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Psychiatric Problems in a Sample of Urban Jail Detainees (2013). Dawn holds a Master of Public Policy from The University of Chicago, where she graduated with honors.


Probable posttraumatic stress disorder in a sample of urban jail detainees
August 11, 2016 | Article | Jails
Jails in the United States house large numbers of detainees who have urgent public and behavioral healthcare needs as well as various serious social, economic, and personal problems. Jails are often the primary (or only) settings for medical, psychiatric, and substance abuse treatment.
By Dawn Ruzich, Jessica Reichert, And Arthur J. Lurigio